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Women in business inspiring other women to stick to it

Sep 09, 2020

Working with other women in business is inspiring

When I first started my business, I was inspired by other women doing amazing things, such as investment coaching, teaching technical courses, marketing coaching, fitness training, business coaching, providing business services, or any number of things, using their unique skills with a feminine touch. Those same women have continued to inspire me to push through the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride that can rattle those of us who like security and certainty in our lives.

Meet Angela Matthews, an investment coach

Angela and I first met online when she was an online reputation specialist. After doing that for a while, she wasn't quite feeling the vibe anymore, so she segued into investment coaching, which was more her style. The beauty of being an entrepreneur means that you can figure things out as you go. If one pathway isn't working for you, then change directions to develop something else. Now, Angela has a thriving...

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Black Lives Matter inspires action in online communities

Aug 05, 2020

As a writer for NewsLanded, our founder, Sally Hendrick, has focused on statistics related to the pandemic and the racial equality movement born from it. The following is a quote from one of her articles, which you may read in full here.

"With numerous protests continuing all over the United States to put a spotlight on systemic racism, police brutality, and the lack of education of African American history taught in schools, there is a movement happening in the cloud where groups of people are coming together to educate themselves and others, so they can be informed and do something to contribute. All too often, protests will happen, raising awareness around a news story or isolated situation, but the embers soon die without real change taking place. White people want to do something. Black people want to do something. Nearly everyone involved seems to want to do something to keep this conversation going to get to the root of the problems that have faced this country for...

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Shout Your Cause presents a deep-dive into 13th, a documentary

Aug 05, 2020

As protests against police brutality have popped up all over the United States in the wake of the pandemic, members of the Shout Your Cause focus group wanted to dive deep into getting educated about the history of our nation as pertains to racial equality (or the lack thereof). We had a discussion online, live on Facebook and YouTube for anyone and everyone to hear. It takes courage to not be afraid to talk about these issues, as they can bring up sensitivities that are not always apparent.



Facebook Live:


Sally Hendrick (00:00:01):

News stories were coming in about this strange virus in Wuhan China. It was weeks before we saw the first cases in the US as the numbers went up each day. My curiosity got the best of me, and I started plotting the curves here's stories from real people all over the world and how they've responded. I'm Sally Hendrick, founder of Shout Your Cause, and this is COVID-19 the world responds.

Sally Hendrick (00:00:39):


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COVID-19: Shelter-in-place USA response effort

Mar 23, 2020

Shout Your Cause™ advertises on Facebook and Instagram to reach people in your state to spread the shelter-in-place message that so many Americans are ignoring. This is your chance to contribute to the effort to get the message out there to save the people in your state from misinformation or a lack of understanding of what is happening with the spread of COVID19 infections.

What shelter-in-place measures could result in

The following chart is a screenshot of the potential growth in cases for Tennessee without any measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, what 3 months of social-distancing would result in, and how that compares to the number of hospital beds available in the state.

Social-distancing isn't enough, as the black line represents the maximum capacity of hospital beds available in Tennessee. Without shelter-in-place measures put into play, we will quickly meet the maximum bed count by April 20 and will be 44,000 beds short...

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