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Who Will Be Left to be Right? (Commentary)

The more I consume social media content on various platforms, the more people I see with varying opinions. It’s hard not to get yourself sucked into the algorithm of like-minded thinking, losing the diversity that we need to see the bigger picture. For some reason, the content that I’m accustomed to continues to flow my way, yet the person sitting next to me is having a completely different curated experience. So I seek out new perspectives to find out what pieces I’m missing to this complicated puzzle.

A Critical Turning Point in Our Country Today

Last week on January 6, 2021, our Capitol in Washington DC was infiltrated by misdirected people who think they are fighting for the freedoms we already have. The middle management team of this global operation doesn’t even realize the real objective of the dangerous people orchestrating this from the top. They are awaiting instructions from these unknown “military generals” that are radicalizing their...

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