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COVID-19: Shelter-in-place USA response effort

coronavirus covid19 Mar 23, 2020

Shout Your Cause™ advertises on Facebook and Instagram to reach people in your state to spread the shelter-in-place message that so many Americans are ignoring. This is your chance to contribute to the effort to get the message out there to save the people in your state from misinformation or a lack of understanding of what is happening with the spread of COVID19 infections.

What shelter-in-place measures could result in

The following chart is a screenshot of the potential growth in cases for Tennessee without any measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, what 3 months of social-distancing would result in, and how that compares to the number of hospital beds available in the state.

Social-distancing isn't enough, as the black line represents the maximum capacity of hospital beds available in Tennessee. Without shelter-in-place measures put into play, we will quickly meet the maximum bed count by April 20 and will be 44,000 beds short...

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