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Human Resources: Who is actually protected from sexual harassment? Not this woman.

Oct 20, 2021

A woman was fired for fighting against harassment she experienced at the hands of a co-worker

Recently, I ran across a woman named Cortney Kotzian who exposed a story of threats she allegedly received from a co-worker. She fought with Human Resources at Charles Schwab for over a year. Her daily life in the office was overshadowed by this creepy co-worker's existence after he allegedly threatened to come to her home, undress her, and make her wear a hoodie on "hoodie day" at work. He didn't like her snide remarks back to him, so the threats continued, as did her complaints about him until SHE was fired, not him.

Here's an excerpt of that fateful day:


Reply to @userfromny ##metoo ##stopworkplaceharassment ##corporatetiktok ##corporatemillennial ##sexualharassment

original sound - theomahaoracle

Human Resources departments are designed to protect employers more than employees

The moniker can be misleading: Human Resources (HR). Yes, there's a bevy...

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Little Girl, Big League

Sep 01, 2021
 By Sally Hendrick

Take me out to the ballgame

“Dad, Dad! I caught a ball! I caught a foul ball!” I blurted out when we got back to our section.

I ran back to the bleachers where Mom and Dad were sitting to show him my ball.

“Way to go! Let me see it!” he beamed.

I handed it to him.

He gripped it and rolled it over, examining it, and smiling. Then he handed it back and ruffled my hair.

My insides swelled with prideful cartwheels. It was the first time I’d felt like I had done something Dad was proud of. The only thing that could have been better was if my favorite player, Pete Rose, had hit the ball. He held the record for most career hits at the time, beating out Ty Cobb, Stan Musial, and Hank Aaron. He was something else.

“Batter, batter, batter, batter. Swing!”

“Can’t hit. Can’t hit. Can’t hit.”


I played Little League baseball at age 12 for the First National Bank team coached by my dad. I was...

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Season 2: It's not critical race theory. It's history.

Jul 21, 2021

by Sally Hendrick

Why are people afraid of teaching the truth behind US history?

At Shout Your Cause, we promise to have difficult discussions, and that includes racism and the white-washing of American history. This episode is no exception. Recently, I met Megan Geha on TikTok, a social media platform used to create 15-second to 3-minute episodes of all kinds of content. Megan is a teacher in Iowa, an advocate of raising awareness around anti-racism. She has been in the news of late, including on Tucker Carlson's blog, though not painted in a good light from the right-wing perspective. I interviewed her to get to the bottom of the ruckus in the media and to find out more about her anti-racist platform.

Podcast episode:

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Season 2: Deconversion Therapy: Finding Support Away from Evangelism

Jul 16, 2021

Little did I know that Karen is practically my neighbor living in a small town in Tennessee, the home of her podcast, Deconversion Therapy, where she gabs back and forth with her childhood friend from her youth in southern Florida about their days in a Southern Baptist Church.

We met on TikTok when she was promoting her first episode about Dave Ramsey with his latest scandals regarding firing his second in command, Chris Hogan, for having an extramarital affair. I have my own history with Ramsey Solutions, as I followed his financial advice for a while then later got involved in the Business Boutique conferences with Christy Wright, so Karen's video caught my attention. She ended up having to make two episodes about him to further discuss the exodus of many employees, including women he fired that were pregnant and unmarried.


Dave Ramsey under fire. ##greenscreensticker ##HairFoodChallenge ##exvangelical ##church ##scandal ##FreeFreeDance

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Looking Back from Eighty

Jul 15, 2021
by Sally Hendrick

“You better lock those doors and windows, ya here?” Grandma pleaded with me. 

“Wear a cap on the highway, so some stranger won’t try to bump you off the road.”

Until I was married off to Robert, I heard something like this every day from my grandmother. Once I was married, she didn’t worry about me anymore.

To a point anyway. 

Grandkids. Wow. They’re like looking at clones of my babies but with a tinge of something else mixed in. Millie has Zoe’s dimples. Jack has Kat’s chin and eyes, and I can’t get over how they all sound alike on the phone. 

I always thought we’d eventually divorce because I figured all men were bad husbands and fathers, but I’m so glad we stuck it out and stayed together. Not much is unforgivable, and having a partner to raise amazing children with, someone who will give them every opportunity and every dime in the bank account like I would is all that...

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How the Rich Eroded the Soil of the American Dream

May 19, 2021

The American dream is a myth created to control the minds of the working class.

Looking at the world and zooming in on America, we have a long tragedy on our hands that is destined to be as unstable as some parts of the Middle East and Africa.

When fathers aren’t allowed to be fathers, and mothers are forced to carry the load, children learn that they can only depend on themselves.

Black women in this country have been adopting every stray soul possible for decades and centuries. It’s the hardest job on the planet to love them all. Not everyone can succeed, if success is even an option. It’s more like survival.

Love takes dedication and 100% surrender to the job at hand. It changes the fabric of the woman holding the responsibility. She no longer belongs to herself. Her individuality is gone. She sacrifices hers for theirs.

In a country where individuality is required to get ahead, the tools of the trade are worn hand-me-downs. The working man can barely get...

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Back to Cuba - Revisiting the Special Period

Apr 14, 2021

We’ve been itching to travel again. I saw where Iceland is allowing fully vaccinated Americans to visit without quarantine or further testing. But I’ve been to Iceland before. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful place, and I have a business conference to attend if it’s not postponed again this summer. I just don't feel it in my heart quite yet because...

Cuba is tugging


Nila has been on my mind a lot. She has her own unique way of spelling things in Spanish. It must be the Cuban dialect because the words are not found in any dictionary I have access to. But we get by. Most of it is understood easily enough. I read her messages and then paste the text into Google translate to make sure I’m not missing any important details.

When we took the kids on this adventure, as the borders had officially opened up for Americans, we didn’t want to take the typical path of paying some overpriced agency out of Miami to show us a limited...

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Who Will Be Left to be Right? (Commentary)

Jan 14, 2021

The more I consume social media content on various platforms, the more people I see with varying opinions. It’s hard not to get yourself sucked into the algorithm of like-minded thinking, losing the diversity that we need to see the bigger picture. For some reason, the content that I’m accustomed to continues to flow my way, yet the person sitting next to me is having a completely different curated experience. So I seek out new perspectives to find out what pieces I’m missing to this complicated puzzle.

A Critical Turning Point in Our Country Today

Last week on January 6, 2021, our Capitol in Washington DC was infiltrated by misdirected people who think they are fighting for the freedoms we already have. The middle management team of this global operation doesn’t even realize the real objective of the dangerous people orchestrating this from the top. They are awaiting instructions from these unknown “military generals” that are radicalizing their...

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What Kind of World Do We Want to Leave for our Kids?

Dec 24, 2020
by Sally Hendrick

"Our kids are listening to what we say and watching what we do."

That's the final line of a song written by Dom Tiano and Eryn Michel (XIXth). It's a slow-rock beat set to a slideshow of images with lyrics running across the bottom that make you stop and think, "Are we really that different from each other?"

Somehow we've lost sight of what's important in life by blaming "the other side" for our problems and the chaos we are experiencing. But the other side lives next door or even sleeps in the same bed with us at night.
The pandemic has exposed our insecurities. Politics in the USA are more divided than ever.
"Watching our lack of unity and the ever-growing chasm between left and right," Dom didn’t want to contribute to the political anger or call anyone out for what they believe but instead wanted to show what is going on. His hope is for his song "to make even a small difference in the way we treat each other, knowing that...
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Moms of Addicted Loved Ones are Everyday Warriors

Oct 30, 2020

Author, Michelle Weidenbenner

Moms are heroes for their addicted child

Moms of addicted loved ones are hero warriors because they have to fight every day.

They fight to find and save the child they once coddled to their bosom.

A child with a substance use disorder becomes lost and trapped inside an imposter, a dark being that sucks common sense, logic, and rational decisions out of a beloved child. The demon hijacks the brain.

When a Mom looks into her child’s eyes, she can no longer see the man or woman she raised, the one who kissed her goodnight, the one who held her hand and knew right from wrong.

She sees a possessed demon who lives for only one thing: his drug of choice.

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Moms are confused about when to let their addicted child hit rock-bottom

Friends look at her differently. They think she’s part of the problem. They say, don’t enable him. You need to let him hit rock bottom.

But rock bottom sounds like death, and she refuses to believe...

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