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Are you on a Secret Mission?

Dec 08, 2021
By Judy McNutt

If you love Dragonflies, you must read this.

Late Fall is my favorite time of the year. Magic is in the air! Time for mulled wine, burning leaves, deep dark nights, soups, stews, and a story or two. But the Dragonflies have all gone Home. Read on.

Years ago, my job as program director of a radio station ended suddenly when the company changed hands. I had no idea what lay ahead for my family and myself. I felt frozen with fear, and my feet were to the fire. My head constructed fear-based extremes. "We're going to have to leave Colorado. I won't find another radio gig here. We just found a church we like. The kids will have to leave school and their friends."


Where else does a single mother, pretty much on her own, turn for solace and renewal in Colorado but to Nature? So the morning after I got laid off, I left the kiddos next door to play with my neighbor's two children, and I headed out to the lake to process all the thoughts and feels. I hoped I...

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Little Girl, Big League

Sep 01, 2021
 By Sally Hendrick

Take me out to the ballgame

“Dad, Dad! I caught a ball! I caught a foul ball!” I blurted out when we got back to our section.

I ran back to the bleachers where Mom and Dad were sitting to show him my ball.

“Way to go! Let me see it!” he beamed.

I handed it to him.

He gripped it and rolled it over, examining it, and smiling. Then he handed it back and ruffled my hair.

My insides swelled with prideful cartwheels. It was the first time I’d felt like I had done something Dad was proud of. The only thing that could have been better was if my favorite player, Pete Rose, had hit the ball. He held the record for most career hits at the time, beating out Ty Cobb, Stan Musial, and Hank Aaron. He was something else.

“Batter, batter, batter, batter. Swing!”

“Can’t hit. Can’t hit. Can’t hit.”


I played Little League baseball at age 12 for the First National Bank team coached by my dad. I was...

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Looking Back from Eighty

Jul 15, 2021
by Sally Hendrick

“You better lock those doors and windows, ya here?” Grandma pleaded with me. 

“Wear a cap on the highway, so some stranger won’t try to bump you off the road.”

Until I was married off to Robert, I heard something like this every day from my grandmother. Once I was married, she didn’t worry about me anymore.

To a point anyway. 

Grandkids. Wow. They’re like looking at clones of my babies but with a tinge of something else mixed in. Millie has Zoe’s dimples. Jack has Kat’s chin and eyes, and I can’t get over how they all sound alike on the phone. 

I always thought we’d eventually divorce because I figured all men were bad husbands and fathers, but I’m so glad we stuck it out and stayed together. Not much is unforgivable, and having a partner to raise amazing children with, someone who will give them every opportunity and every dime in the bank account like I would is all that...

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