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Women in business inspiring other women to stick to it

Working with other women in business is inspiring

When I first started my business, I was inspired by other women doing amazing things, such as investment coaching, teaching technical courses, marketing coaching, fitness training, business coaching, providing business services, or any number of things, using their unique skills with a feminine touch. Those same women have continued to inspire me to push through the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride that can rattle those of us who like security and certainty in our lives.

Meet Angela Matthews, an investment coach

Angela and I first met online when she was an online reputation specialist. After doing that for a while, she wasn't quite feeling the vibe anymore, so she segued into investment coaching, which was more her style. The beauty of being an entrepreneur means that you can figure things out as you go. If one pathway isn't working for you, then change directions to develop something else. Now, Angela has a thriving...

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