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COVID-19: The World Responds - Sally Hendrick interviews Keith and Camilla Spadafino

Camilla & Keith Spadafino, Nashville teachers, find ways to navigate the pandemic, including making a career change

This interview took place on September 28, 2020.

We met at a party in Nashville. It was an artsy crowd, and we met a lot of new people that night. Somehow the two of us have kept in touch, Camilla and I, via Facebook. So when I found out that Camilla was navigating being an art teacher during the pandemic, I asked if we could chat. She brought along her husband, Keith, also a teacher, and I must say it was a great discussion.

Surprisingly, Camilla has left her teaching career and ventured full-time into an art business with her educational paint-by-number kits. Please listen to this episode or watch the video, as we had a great time talking about "all things 2020".

Visit Camilla's art shop:  Paint the Town by Numbers





Sally Hendrick (00:00):

News stories were coming in about this strange virus in Wuhan China. It was...

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COVID-19: The World Responds - Sally Hendrick interviews Alisha Morris about school cases

Alisha Morris, high school theater teacher, responds by gathering news on COVID-19 cases in schools

This interview took place on August 31, 2020.

After joining a Facebook group about reopening Tennessee schools safely, I was tagged by Alisha Morris, a high school teacher in Olathe, Kansas who had spent a considerable amount of time gathering information of COVID-19 cases in schools across the country. She noticed that I was talking about collecting data, which meant we had something in common.

Alisha started gathering news articles in her local area and then expanded beyond that to other cities and towns across the country. Few articles about cases involving schools' faculty, students, and athletes were hitting the mainstream media as plans were forming up around opening for the fall semester. She saw an opportunity to pull information together to show how serious the pandemic was affecting reopening plans. 

Listen to this interview to hear the full...

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