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COVID-19: The World Responds - Sally Hendrick interviews Kimberly Edwards

Kimberly Edwards, Entrepreneur, Airbnb host, and #freeTN founder, responds from Tennessee

This interview took place on April 24, 2020.

After renovating part of her home as an Airbnb rental, Kimberly was thrilled that March and April were fully booked for with guests who were ready for the downtown Nashville museums and music. When COVID-19 hit the scene, her plans were squashed, all bookings canceled, and Nashville's honky-tonk scene became a ghost town. Kimberly's husband has his own business venture as a DJ for weddings and corporate events, another business that is not recession-proof. She put on her advocacy hat and created the #freetn movement for Tennesseans ready to go back to work. This is her story.




Sally Hendrick (00:39):

Hey Kimberly, how are you doing? I'm Sally Hendrick. Hi Sally. I'm doing good. Thanks. How are you? Good. Good to meet you. Finally, I reached out to you yesterday, just yesterday to talk to you about what's going...

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