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COVID-19: The World Responds - Sally Hendrick interviews LaShonda DeBrew

LaShonda DeBrew, The Virtual CFO, responds from Maryland

This interview took place on June 12, 2020.

La'Shonda has been my CFO for several years now. Like many of my business colleagues, we met online in a business class, and she traveled to Nashville to one of my in-person workshops a few years ago. With the pandemic, she's been working solely from home.

Guest bio:

La’Shonda DeBrew is the CEO of DeBrew Enterprises, Inc. and founder of the Wealth Institute and the Wealthcheck 360 System™. Known as the Wealth-Creator, La’Shonda works with clients to increase their worth, while decreasing their work. Her passion and proficiency are in saving clients time, money, and energy, so that they can make more, keep more, give more, and ultimately live more. She is one of the nation’s leading authorities in the areas of tax planning, revenue modeling, debt destruction, financial strategy, wealth-building, and helping small businesses to maximize their profits.


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