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COVID-19: The World Responds - Sally Hendrick interviews Veronica Jeans

Veronica Jeans, an eCommerce expert, responds from Texas

This interview took place on May 15, 2020.

Connecting in person with Veronica at the Social Media Marketing World conference every year is a highlight for me. We both support businesses with online marketing know-how, but Veronica focuses mainly on e-commerce clients who use Shopify to sell their products, while I focus more on sales funnels and Facebook advertising for service-based businesses that use Kajabi or Wordpress. I reached out to Veronica to find out how things are going these days in the e-commerce world.

Guest bio:

Veronica Jeans is an eCommerce Business Consultant & Shopify Expert. With a passion for following online sales trends, she can tell you all about turning an initial investment of $100,000 into a company with a return above $2.5 million annually within 2 years, because she's done it. Long story short, she built a successful business supplying IT professionals to some of...

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