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How the Rich Eroded the Soil of the American Dream

The American dream is a myth created to control the minds of the working class.

Looking at the world and zooming in on America, we have a long tragedy on our hands that is destined to be as unstable as some parts of the Middle East and Africa.

When fathers aren’t allowed to be fathers, and mothers are forced to carry the load, children learn that they can only depend on themselves.

Black women in this country have been adopting every stray soul possible for decades and centuries. It’s the hardest job on the planet to love them all. Not everyone can succeed, if success is even an option. It’s more like survival.

Love takes dedication and 100% surrender to the job at hand. It changes the fabric of the woman holding the responsibility. She no longer belongs to herself. Her individuality is gone. She sacrifices hers for theirs.

In a country where individuality is required to get ahead, the tools of the trade are worn hand-me-downs. The working man can barely get...

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