Create the Daily Experience You Desire

by Dena Gould

I watch people going through life without intention and expecting life to be hard.

Without intentions, you are existing and not creating.

If you are struggling to come up with an intention, or unable to focus on living intentionally, it’s totally understandable, there is a lot going into your day, and maybe you aren’t in a place to take the time needed to get to your ideal intention. I suggest starting with just one word. I understand that one word may be challenging for you now.

So in the meantime, please take mine…


I have watched a lot of people make things so unnecessarily difficult and I believe life is not supposed to be as difficult as we make it. The subconscious loves to play games with our mind and ego, but I want to challenge you to come from your heart each day and do your best to allow life to be easy.

This ability has taken me years. I have learned that..

Presence is the key to living in ease.

Being present and slowing down allows us to come from our center,

..our heart, and not from fear and obligation. It keeps us from making regrettable decisions, so we are not cleaning up messes later. It allows us to act instead of react, even when the action we need to take is "to wait."

Being present doesn't mean life has to happen in slow motion.

Presence gives clarity and allows us to focus on what is important. I put a lot on my plate, so I like that I can move quickly once I know my priorities. It helps me not overthink or over-complicate. It helps me to not waste energy on the what-ifs and list out every worst possible outcome. This is your reminder: Be conscious of all the possibilities, but don't take too many steps into that hole. It creates fear in your frequency. The goal of "humaning" is to keep the frequency positive so that you attract more of what you want.

Being present allows us to honor our experience in real-time,

..instead of stuffing it away for later complications. As humans, we experience challenges and trauma. LIFE IS AN EXPERIENCE and the experience is processed through ALL of our emotions. When we don’t honor the experience, it stays in our body to show up later as another experience. Sometimes it becomes stuck energy, which is much more difficult to process if it is allowed to turn into an illness.

I have been surprised at how my body has processed emotions this past year. I even had the audacity to be disappointed that things affected me more heavily than expected. Thankfully I sat in it. I breathed with it. I journaled and performed my energy-clearing methods as needed. I meditated on the emotions, but I never fed them for too long. I stayed focused on my desires. This practice moves the experience and energy. It allows us to create the life we desire, but honoring us, and keeping focused on our desires.

Let’s stay in the present moment and allow life to be Easy.

Here are some things to consider when you are ready to create your own powerful, doable intentions around that:

Can I change it? If you can’t change it, don't give it power. Focus on what you can change.

How can I make this EASY!? Ask, what is the easiest and most effective way to accomplish my desires? – No one is handing out gold stickers for you to complicate things.

Don't overthink. Be present and make a decision. If you find that decision doesn't work, make a new decision. No need to beat up on yourself or go into regret. Learn from the experience and move on.

Don’t feed the stories. When you catch yourself in a feel-bad story, practice self-compassion and change the stories that you are telling yourself and believing.

Be present and get clear on how you want to experience each day. What is the easiest first action step you can take?

Then create your doable intentions:

✨Create a moment of heart-centered peace for yourself:

1. Breathe

2. Visualize Love

3. Feel Love

✨Use your imagination and decide how you want to experience life and put your energy towards that.

✨Create a small doable intention, with simple actions you can take daily.

How does it feel to move out of existing, and into creating that daily experience that you truly desire?

Dena Gould is an intuitive healer and adviser who helps people who are feeling stuck and lacking purpose. Through her company, Light of Mine, Dena will help you embrace your inner light and finally be enough.


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