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COVID19: Shelter-in-place USA response effort

Shout Your Cause™ advertises on Facebook and Instagram to reach people in your state to spread the shelter-in-place message that so many Americans are ignoring. This is your chance to contribute to the effort to get the message out there to save the people in your state from misinformation or a lack of understanding of what is happening with the spread of COVID19 infections.

We are doing this with compassion and love for our fellow Americans. Would you help us spread the word?

Donate now to inform your state

Donate to our advertising fund to send Facebook and Instagram ads to people in your state to let them know why it is so important to shelter in place.

  • [ Every $5 funds one day of Facebook™ and Instagram ads to raise awareness about the COVID19 shelter-in-place initiative. ]
  • [ Every $10 helps us reach approximately 10,000 people on Facebook or Instagram. ]
  • [ Give $5 or $10 monthly to help us keep spreading the word for months to come. Cancel anytime. ]


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