Backstage Pass Exclusive

Who is this Backstage Pass for?

Anyone with a healthy sense of curiosity looking for trusted resources of lived experiences, deep analysis, healing, and solutions. Our creators are here to help raise awareness around social responsibility regardless of background or identity. At the end of the day, we all bleed red, and we all need love.

How did this idea come about?

It's kind of like Patreon, where you pay to be a member to get exclusive content. Behind the scenes at Shout Your Cause with Sally Hendrick, Sally and her team are busy finding people to interview, topics to write about, and partners to collaborate with on meaningful projects that don't get the right kind of attention deserved.

With Sally's experience as a journalist and digital media promoter, she investigates what's going on in the world then shouts from the virtual rooftops about it. This Backstage Pass area is where she brings other creators to the table and shares her process, interactions, and live events with YOU, the members.

What do you get with this Backstage Pass?

Exclusive access to events and materials, such as:

  • Raw interviews before they are cleaned up for the public podcast
  • The chance to submit questions to our podcast and authors
  • Video and audio material not released anywhere else
  • Behind-the-scenes updates of what we're cooking up
  • Recordings, photos, and stories that inspire Sally's novel, Humble Pie.

And whatever else comes up!


Choose from the following:


Early Bird­čÉŽALL ACCESS BACKSTAGE PASS --- only $5/month!

  • All of the above, PLUS
  • Shout Your Cause Backstage Pass Private Podcast
  • The Baking of Humble Pie 
  • A signed first-edition copy of Humble Pie when it is published (5 months of membership required)


OR, if you are just here for some humble pie...


The Baking of Humble Pie --- just $25!

  • Access to live & recorded events

  • The real history behind the stories

  • References and resources to follow

  • A signed first-edition copy of Humble Pie when it is published



Bonus for both levels!

With either level you choose, get our private podcast of chapter readings, interviews, audio clips, and photos that Sally has been collecting for a really long time.

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No refunds. Cancel anytime.