Urbanism in the People's Hands

Season #5

Sally Hendrick interviews a representative of the Chattanooga Urbanist Society. He's incognito like Robin Hood doing good things to put pressure on the city and to keep street artists busy. Find them on TikTok @chatturbansociety and Instagram @chattanoogaurbanistsociety. Get show notes at

I. Introduction

  A. Introduction of the show “Shout Your Cause with Sally Hendrick”

  B. Today’s guest represents the Chattanooga Urbanist Society

II. Chattanooga Urbanist Society A. Aims to promote a safer, more pedestrian-friendly urban environment in Chattanooga B. Started as a mutual aid group showing up to city council meetings

  C. Decided to start doing projects themselves when waiting for the city to act

  D. First project was putting up a temporary guardrail for pedestrian safety

III. Bench Project

  A. Covid has led to an increase in homelessness in the city

  B. The Mayor removed benches from the city to solve the problem

  C. The Chattanooga Urbanist Society built a bench with a message to bring attention to the issue

  D. The bench got attention from the community and was replaced by the mayor's office within 72 hours

IV. Conclusion

  A. The show encourages people to take a moment to find their purpose in life.