Advocating Families Forward

Season #4

Connie Reguli is known for her lasting strength as she navigates the world of foster care, adoption, and the travesty of justice handed to her in Tennessee. Listen to how she moves families forward in this interview with Sally Hendrick. Visit for show notes. Find Connie at

Connie Reguli, founder of the Family Forward Foundation, is an advocate for moving families away from overreach by Child Protective Services. She took 14 ordinary people to Washington DC to make changes in the system. Reguli, who is an attorney with 28 years of experience working with families, has worked with those fighting government systems, experiencing medical misdiagnosis, and those who have had their children taken away from them. She started digging into the child welfare system after being pounded by it and finding that attorneys work in a vacuum and don't learn about the systems, policies, and financial aspects of what is happening around them. She found that federal tax dollars are incentivizing the government through Title IV, which covers child support and foster care money. Reguli studied budgets and congressional reports and found that Title IV E covers foster care money and that our hard-earned money comes out of Social Security funds. She encourages people to put out their passion and see how they can make changes.