Not Just Homeless

Season #3

Homelessness, addiction, and joblessness are tackled in many ways. Listen to how Justice Industries and Matthew 25 in Nashville work together to help solve these issues. Ellen Peterson and Jim Ward are leading the way to improve the lives of many people who seem to have run out of options. Sally Hendrick interviews them both together in this episode. Visit for show notes, and check out and for information on how you can get involved.

This passage discusses the reality of trying to make a change for people who are homeless, and how attitudes and policies around homelessness can be unhelpful. The nonprofit organization Justice Industries provides a unique solution by employing people who face barriers to traditional employment, such as those who were previously incarcerated, struggling with homelessness or addiction, fleeing domestic violence, or stuck in generational poverty. Justice Industries' most successful company, Just Glass, is a curbside glass recycling program in Nashville that provides employment and workforce development for its team members. Matthew 25, a men's homeless ministry in Nashville, works with Justice Industries to provide some of its employees for their social enterprise, helping veterans and others experiencing homelessness to move towards recovery, stable housing, and employment. The reality of homelessness is much harder than people think it is, and providing sustainable solutions requires collaboration and innovation.