The Healing of Life

Season #3

Listen as Rob Schwartz, author of Your Soul's Plan, explains how he guides people through a powerful healing journey as they discover how to understand the meaning of their lives after experiencing trauma. Find him at and visit for show notes and more.

Sally Hendrick introduces Rob Schwartz, an author and coach who helps people heal from traumatic experiences through between-lives regression. She notes that while some may find the concept of spirituality, hypnosis, and meditation daunting, Rob's methods are grounded, easy, and gentle. Many people have come out of his sessions with all the answers they need about their lives. The speaker also shares her own experience attending one of Rob's awakening weekends, which helped her unlock some things about her life. She especially appreciated the journaling part of the experience, which allowed her to process her emotions and thoughts. The speaker notes that Rob's clients usually fall into two categories: those who are exploring spirituality and those who are trying to understand and heal from traumatic experiences.