Deconversion Therapy: Finding Support Away from Evangelism

Season #2 Episode #2

Little did I know that Karen is practically my neighbor living in a small town in Tennessee, the home of her podcast, Deconversion Therapy, where she gabs back and forth with her childhood friend from her youth in southern Florida about their days in a Southern Baptist Church.

We met on TikTok when she was promoting her first episode about Dave Ramsey with his latest scandals regarding firing his second in command, Chris Hogan, for having an extramarital affair. I have my own history with Ramsey Solutions, as I followed his financial advice for a while then later got involved in the Business Boutique conferences with Christy Wright, so Karen’s video caught my attention. She ended up having to make two episodes about him to further discuss the exodus of many employees, including women he fired that were pregnant and unmarried.

In this episode, we discuss Karen’s purpose of supporting others having doubts about their religious faith and about sharing helpful resources for disenfranchised evangelicals.

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