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COVID Stats Updates

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Real time modeling and metrics. Click on a state to get more details, including by-county data.


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How to Read State and County Specific Data

Hover over the names of each statistic in the chart below to click over to the linear graphs of how these stats have moved over time.


Daily new cases are stated per 100K population. That means that you can compare states and counties to each other to measure the severity of the outbreak on an apples to apples basis.

Infection rate is how many more people someone is infecting. If the rate is above 1.00, the infection spread is growing. If the rate is below 1.00, it is decreasing. For example, if the infection rate is 1.10, that means that 100 people are infecting 110 more people. The virus will not stop growing if the infection rate is above 1.00.

Positive test rate is the number of people who test positive out of all tests taken. If the rate is above 1% and below 10%, the threat level is medium. From 10% to 25% indicates high risk. Critical is above 25%.

ICU headroom used indicates how much capacity is available for ICU beds in area hospitals. Note, this statistic is based on an estimate of how many ICU cases are expected to come from this area and may not directly correlate to actual ICU cases at any given time.

Contacts traced should be higher in value to show that people are being informed when they get exposed to the virus. The lower the number, the more critical the situation.

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